“A great place for physical therapy. The whole staff was very helpful to rehab my knee after surgery. Thanks.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed all of my visits to OrthoSport. I loved the atmosphere there and would return myself as well as recommend OrthoSport to my friends.”

“I love having Nancy as my therapist. She was very professional, kind, friendly!! I am doing very well because of her help! I loved my assistants & the girls at the front desk! I’m off for vacation healthy!”

“When I walk through the door I am always greeted with a “genuine” smile and hello! You listen to all the issues I am dealing, both personal and medically. I have never experienced such true compassion and professionalism in a medical facility ever! I have nothing negative to say even though I have to do a lot of my exercises in front of a mirror!! :-)”

“Everyone helped me so much. I’ve still got room for improvement but gained the tools to continue to improve. Especially grateful to Nancy and Lisa for their pep talks!”

“I have received physical therapy at many different clinics over the past 20+ years. You all were one of the best I have been to. The interactions, support, and camaraderie between staff is very good and have created a very welcoming, healing environment. Jamie was one of the best PTs I have ever had and who I would want to see for all future visits. You all helped me tremendously with my elbow, hips and lower back and have given me tools that I can use for many years to come. In the event I need more PT, which I hope isn’t the case, I will return to OrthoSport without hesitation. Thank you for your wonderful service!”

“I am so happy with the care and education that I received from OrthoSport. I have continued to practice what I learned while I was a patient, and I’m happy to say that I’m now able to go to the gym and work out three times a week with no problems. I recommend OrthoSport to anyone who needs physical therapy. Thank you!”

“I am extremely pleased at the progress with the left shoulder compared to what it first was. Every time I have been here for different problems I have been greatly helped and would recommend OrthoSport to anyone who needed physical therapy.”

“Susie was a major help and a great therapist. Her demeanor was professional and friendly and she is clearly very skilled at what she does.”

“I was in a lot of pain when I came to OrthoSport, but after just a few short weeks I am back to living a life without any limits.”

“All of your employees were very knowledgeable and helpful. Your receptionist & billing staff helped me co-ordinate care long distance, in advance, so I could start PT as soon as I arrived in WA. They also billed Medical/Medicare out of state without any trouble. All of my care was excellent. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me.”

“Great place with friendly people.”

“I had impressive results from my visits, which will improve my way of life tremendously. Everyone was professional and knowledgeable. Thanks again!”

“Everyone at OrthoSport was wonderful. My arm and wrist are fine and it only took 4 weeks! Your staff is friendly and energetic. Your facility is nice, clean, and warm. Jamie worked very well with me, encouraging and caring. Thank you all!”

“Everyone was helpful, attentive, and pleasant – it was a very positive experience.”

“9 visits to OrthoSport starting the week out of sling after a “total reconstruction” of the right shoulder was an absolutely necessary positive result as a final medical treatment phase. I would like Don to know that I am chuckling to myself now when I consider that there is some kind of weird lack of understanding in the medical world that somehow, physical therapy is optional. There is no “option”. Without writing a long story, I have to say there are two PTs in your facility, Jamie DPT and Lisa (exercise), are very quite literally, saving limbs.”

“It was wonderful to finally get an answer to why I was in pain. And being able to go to PT in a fun, laid-back environment made the workouts so much easier! I hope to never need physical therapy again – but if I do, I am definitely going back to OrthoSport!”

“OrthoSport staff is always friendly, helpful and motivating in the road to recovery! Thank you so much!!”

“Thanks to everyone that helped me. You have a very caring staff. Not only did I have a problem with my knees, I lost a lot of muscle. I have made it back to the gym on a regular basis. Working hard on every thing I have learned from therapy.”

“The staff at OrthoSport Physical Therapy responded instantly to solve the injuries I had made to the nerves in the lumbar region and my left leg. I was scheduled to go on a cruise within several weeks, and they put me on an intense rehabilitation course so that I was able to attend. Afterwards, I went through successful less intense therapy for about fourteen weeks. This entire procedure was well coordinated with my primary physician and insurance. I continue the exercises that I was taught in order to keep in shape and healthy. Thank you so much, Susan and Vince.”