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Rated 5/5 based on 18 customer reviews
"It is clear from the previous reviews that the reviewers were irresponsible in understanding their own insurance policies or did not communicate well with their therapists. This clinic is the best in the area. I have been there multiple times for multiple injuries and would never go anywhere else. I have been other places and now only choose OrthoSport because of the consistent quality care and genuine employees. Many times during therapy sessions, while working out in the gym or learning home exercises, I have spoken to other patients who travel from all around western Washington just to seek treatment from the experienced practitioners here. Some commute from as far as two hours away! If you look at their website, you will see countless positive comments about this facility. I highly recommend this place the next time you experience an injury."
Mar 01, 2017
"My brother had a stroke 3 years ago and I am helping him recover. He was released from the hospital to a skilled nursing care facility for occupational and physical therapy after his stroke. He was released by this facility after 3 months of therapy. We were told that he had reached a "plateau" and would make no further improvements. He could bare walk with the assistance of a walker at this point. My brother then started therapy at OrthoSport in hopes that more progress was possible. He was walking without the assistance of a walker after 6 months of occupational and physical therapy at OrthoSport! Since then, my brother has continued with a supervised exercise regimen at OrthoSport. The impact on his health and quality of life has been tremendous. They are a nice group of people, too."
Mar 01, 2017
"This is my second time using Orthosport, I have good insurance and can go anywhere but I chose to return here without hesitation. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I highly recommend this business for any PT needs."
Mar 01, 2017
"Hi, A year ago last July I was in a mortorcycle accident. I broke my femur in my left leg and the fibula in my right, plus took a chunk out of my left shin. The doctors had to put a rod in my femur from hip to knee, sew up my shin and put a cast on the right leg. I rolled in a wheel chair the first day of therapy as one hurting unit to say the least. Everyone treated me with open arms. Through lots of patience, hard work, positive enforcement from the whole staff. I am walking and almost as good as before and I can't thank them all enough. There was many hard times through it all and they all help me physically, mentally and emotionally. As well as when my insurance suddenly wasn't paying everything. They have patiently let me pay in a form of payment that worked for both of us. I could not ask for better people to help me through it all. Thank you"
Mar 01, 2017
"My experience with the team at Orthosport Physical Therapy in Lynnwood has been excellent. I came to them with an injury that interfered with my quality of life everyday. Nancy, Natalie and Katie took excellent care of me, quickly got me to a point of being healed and self sufficient. I can say with out a doubt that I would highly recommend to anyone in need of physical therapy that choosing Orthosport is the right move to make."
Mar 01, 2017
"Professional excellent service warm and friendly thank-you!"
Aug 31, 2016
"I loved my experience. The people here were understanding, helpful, friendly, and genuine. They were really concerned about my well being and I was treated like a person not just another patient. I must say that the atmosphere and culture here are a positive environment for anyone's recovery and would gladly recommend their service to anyone!"
Aug 17, 2016
"my name is Mary Hanson of Shoreline. A five star all around; from the office staff, therapy assistants, to my PT Tom DiAngelis PT, DPT. I have had excellent results from my therapy after a total knee replacement. The expertise and caring professionalism was very encouraging to my recovery."
Aug 10, 2016
"I love OrthoSport, and I give them a 5 star rating! Nancy is an incredible PT with the needed knowledge and skills to support a full recovery. She also taught me how to listen to my body. Natalie was so encouraging, patient, and helpful in teaching me all the exercises and adding adaptations when needed.l learned so much from both of them.Also,Anna was extremely efficient at getting all needed appointments scheduled. Over the years, I have had several needs for PT, and I have had the same great experiences with everyone who works there!"
Aug 09, 2016
"I came to OrthoSport in extreme pain; I am leaving feeling great. Nancy is an amazing therapist. She was willing to work with me on my post op issues and also on a neck issue that arose in the middle of my back recovery. The staff is very efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. Everyone works very hard to insure that the patients have maximum attention. I owe thema great deal of thanks for putting back on the track to good health."
Aug 09, 2016
"Everyone was so nice and helpful. I never thought l would ever like to exercise like I do now. The pace of learning each new exercise was great. Never felt intimidated . Lisa was very good at pushing me to do more than I think I can. Always pleasant & fun experience."
Jul 21, 2016
"Evan and his assistant were very professional and made it comfortable for me to be open and honest with them about my pain level.. Thank you for helping me get back to work, I know that I have a long road ahead of me to get back to 100% but with the tools they have taught me I know that I can get there."
Jul 14, 2016
"Truly believed this shoulder and neck pain would be something I would have to learn to live with. My therapist, Nancy, was so attentive and listened and watched as I moved under her instructions. After only two visits, under her healing hands, I was already on the road to recovery! Natalie, my exercise guru, put me through my paces and was always encouraging and was as happy in my recovery as I was! Nancy and Natalie were awesome and I am truly grateful! The office staff are so kind and friendly and so helpful in arranging and changing scheduling. IF I ever have any other similar problems again, I will definitely come here again! And I won't put it off the next time! Thanks so much!!!"
Jul 07, 2016
"Fantastic team of therapists. The tailored routine allowed me to push my boundaries without risk of further injury. Thank you Evan, Lindsay, Lisa, Theresa, Tom and all the office staff :-)"
Jul 05, 2016
"My experience was "textbook". We targeted my specific goal, and in just a handful of sessions, I feel measurable results. I'll return for future needs."
Jun 28, 2016
Jun 27, 2016
"Knowledgeable,kind,careing staff. I felt safe under there care.they truly enjoy there job and helping people get better."
Jun 21, 2016
"great practice"
Jun 17, 2016