OrthoSport Swing!

A Titleist® Performance Institute Program (TPI)

OrthoSport Swing

Golf is a dynamic sport that requires high-speed movements. Swing performance is often diminished due to musculoskeletal impairments that alter and interfere with these movements.

OrthoSport Physical Therapy is pleased to offer a screening program developed by Titleist and offered by a TPI certified physical therapist.

As movement specialists, physical therapists are uniquely qualified to screen your muscular and skeletal systems and identify areas of tightness or weakness that can interfere with your swing.

With OrthoSport Swing the therapist first performs the Titleist screening. Then, based on your limitations, they design an individual program to help you adapt to those limitations and enhance your golf game.

For more information, or to set up your evaluation, call OrthoSport Physical Therapy at (425) 670-9991, option 1.